Back to Basics

It's overwhelming to try to put everything we've been experiencing into words. I've accepted that there's no way I could ever type out every single thing we did and still have time to be present. I would be writing the entire time. I wanted to back track a bit to focus on the little things I may have left out along the way:

Our main driver Guspar is so skilled and humble. It's enjoyable when I make small exchanges with him. It's always been important to me to make friends with bus drivers or baristas in particular. Many times, people reap the benefits of their services but never stop to say 'hey how are you today? Thank you for the ride'

The chemistry of our group is impeccable. There's never a dull moment! We all connect and can talk and joke so openly with one another which I would like to attribute as one of the factors that have been helping to keep our hearts and minds from becoming too heavy. I've laughed more than I've cried on this trip which is contrary to the assumption I had going into this trip. I'm grateful that the universe has placed all of these beautiful souls in the same place at the same time.

Francoise is so smart. I love how when Deb asked about the trees with yellow flowers, Fran knew all about why they were there. Most of us joked whole making the comparison that if someone in nyc asked a question like deb did, they might say something like 'what tree?'

I plan to return here one day. I hope to be reunited with the beaming smiling children I've made meaningful connections with. I've learned that language barriers do not limit love.