"America the beautiful..."But do they know???

Some of the things I keep hearing while in Rwanda is that “America is great,” “there's so much opportunity,” “my dream is to go there!” One person today even said that they imagined that there is not even one poor person in America. So, that inspired me to write this:

"America the beautiful," but do they know...

That all of America's wealth is held by only 10% of the nation?

Do they know that I walk by homeless people who lay outside on the ground, even on cold winter nights?

Or that I watch people walk from cart to cart on the trains in NYC to beg for money to buy food?

Do they know that we have 25% of all the world's prisoners and we punish them rather than offer rehabilitation?

Do they know that we have so much crime because many people are angry?

Do they know that all though we are supposed to be a melting pot, racism and prejudice still exists?

Do they know that before any interview or any new position I take on, I wonder if the color of my skin will have an impact on how I am judged or how people perceive me?

OR that even when I'm complimented, for a example on how well I speak or how well I write,  I wonder if they genuinely see a girl who is more advanced than the rest of her peers, or if it's out of shock because I act differently from the way " those people" normally act?

Do they know that in some places in the U.S. some people walk past each other without a smile or wave and if you do try and talk to them, there's a chance you'll just receive attitude in response?

Do they know that children bully each other in schools because they look differently, value different things, or just to make themselves look good?

And do they know we sometimes have adults who notice and do nothing about it?

Do they know that some of us are impatient, we move too fast, and barely appreciate the finer things in life?

Do they know that many Americans think that America is as great as they think it is, and for that reason they show no compassion or even concern for the rest of the world?

Do they know that America has much to learn?

That, maybe, America should be more like them?!