Missing that Someone Special

Hey there, Maggie

What's is like in Buffalo City?

I'm several thousand miles away

But, Kitty, tonight you look so fluffy

Yes, you do

Rwanda is so pretty but nothing compares to you

I swear, it's true...

Hello my Band of Merri Readers, 

The days are already starting to blend together. But today we had a day of fun. We traveled to Inema Art Center.

Their sign. Inema is ran by two brothers. 

Their sign. Inema is ran by two brothers. 

Now Inema is this amazing art center where you can of course buy art, but also learn about traditional dance and learn to paint as well. We had the privilege to do both today. 

The dancing was interesting to say the least, I tried my hardest to do it but... For those who know me I lack the Maria talent of dancing. It was still a blast to be apart of it. Now when the kids started dancing is when we were able to see how it was really suppose to look like and it was amazing.  

After the dancing workshop we were able to paint. The prompt was just close your eyes and just paint the first thing that comes to you. Well if you couldn't tell by the title I ended up painting an abstract-ish version of Maggie (my cat). I have this on running joke that Maggie is my everything and is my girlfriend, so when given this opportunity I couldn't pass it up! I had the honor to work on this painting with the ever so talented Lilly and some help from Molly. Despite my amateur painting skills the painting came out really well, and I can't wait to get it framed and hang it up (baring Lilly agrees to let me keep it).  

Also today we went to the Market where my love of haggling was reborn. In the market I began to find gifts for the people back home.  

Lastly today we had dinner at Pastor Seraya's house. This year I found myself more engaged, with the conversation. Although I did not ask many questions my friend Dan Torres was and hearing the Pastor talk about the forgiveness of Genocide perpetrators was intense. I still find myself trying to understand how to forgive someone who could have killed your entire family, but somehow Rwanda was able to (USA you should be taking notes). Moreover, the food we had was unbelievable... I had rice that was probably the best tasting rice I've ever had. Eggplant (which I don't even like), and this noodle veggie dish, which was also very good. 

Well that's about it for this post... 

Up next is Gihembe Refugee Camp! Find out what happens next on the next blog post of.... Cpt. Sam!


Yours Truly, 

Cpt. Samuel M. Merriman