All we need is love

Its extremely difficult to try to put what I've experienced these past 4 days in a cohesive post so I will chose photos to kickstart my thoughts. 


We have been visiting memorial sites and it never fails to make my mind run wild. I question how can a group of people (Belgiums) have so much influence to make a country, who was united, believe that they are different and should remain separated. How can people who were completely happy coexisiting as one kill thy neighbors because they were told others were different? How can they ever learn to trust again? We all develop trust issues from things we've experienced but to have fellow loved ones, neighbors kill your family and friends and to forgive is incredible, brave and admirable. To fathom that a country as a whole can heal so much from this experience is impossible for me to understand but its a work in progress.



Language is a beautiful thing to think about. People all around the world speak a variety of languages and it can be difficult to connect and communicate with someone with that barrier. Even things as simple as, "how old are you?" become so much harder with the parties speaking different languages. But what I love is that despite the fact that we speak different languages, we can experience and understand actions. Words aren't the only way to connect. We always play games with the kids, step, dance to get them to open up and have a good time. We are all human and we can understand each other without saying a word.


Its only day 5 and as a village, we always joke that it feels like we have been here for a month. But not for second, did I ever think I'm ready to go home. Because with friendly faces and happy, laughing, dancing children, learning how a country has coped with a genocide, and thriving today and being with a village that is filled with love and honest conversation, how can you want to leave?