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**Okay, so this is my second attempt to post this blog so fingers crossed! 

Coming back to Gihembe Refugee camp was interesting. On the bus ride there I was think about last year and remembered feeling all this anxiety about what it would be like there and how everyone will be like. This year I knew how it would be like, but yet I still felt anxiety. The people in the camp have no home to go to and are only here in order to save their lives. They live in close quarters, mud houses, and are given an amount of money to buy food at their market. (The market is something new and gives the refugees the freedom of choosing their own food or way to spend their money.) 

When we arrived at the camp we were greeted by the camp manager David. He gave us a tour around the camp. one of the first things David told us was, "This is not a prison. The people are free to come and go as they please." This quote really stuck with me because this doesn't really happen in America. At this point in time America is oddly trying to shut out refugees even though our country was founded by refugees. Rwanda not only accepts refugees from the Congo and other countries from Africa but treats them as humans.  The refugees are allowed to leave the camp to go get a job and if they earn enough money they can move off the camp. Another thing to remember is once they can go home, they will. 


Being able to preform our play for the refugees always feels amazing because it means so much to them. It is an opportunity to remind them that they are still cared about.  I think I am finally understanding why exactly Drew keeps bringing students back to the camp. 


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Cpt. Samuel M. Merriman