A land like no other...

Unfortunately, I can’t say I had the same experience when landing in Rwanda. Not that it wasn’t a beautiful sight to see, it’s just that I missed it because I was too busy closing my eyes and clutching my pillow since that flight had A LOT of turbulence—those of you who know me, know that I am afraid of heights and not too fond of planes! However, once I got off the plane and we left the airport, I found myself in a very beautiful city! Not that I expected this to be the case, but I must say that what I saw was nothing like the stereotypical images of “Africa” given to us by the media. I use quotations because of the way Africa seems to be represented as if it were one single country rather than an entire continent consisting of many countries with many different cultures. Anyway, Rwanda disproves this misconception. On our ride from the airport, I found myself gazing at beautiful trees, hills, and communities; as well as buildings with impressive architectural designs. Actually, for a second, it reminded me of Miami because of the palm trees.

This is a view from our hostel!

This is a view from our hostel!

The people we met so far are amazing! They are very friendly and so willing to help us! I already feel welcomed and I am looking forward to making more friends. So far, it seems like I will really enjoy my time here.

Now, we are all checked into our hostel and all that is left to do is shower, relax, and prepare for dinner. I’m going to take advantage of this down time because we have a busy few weeks ahead of us!

Amaharo (peace)

Until next time,