Hello... It's me. Again

Hello my band of Merri-Men,

Youre fearless leader has survived a total of 22 hours of flights (two planes). As my dad was driving me to the Don Savage Building where the group was meeting up to get on a bus to go to the Toronto Airport I started to think "Shit... Did I forget something?" And then I would bob in and out of being asleep. 


Okay, so moving forward we get to the Airport for the fist leg of our trip. Everything was fine until I went to check my luggage because, the lady behind the desk kept telling me I was only allowed one carry on... (The literature from the travel agency and Airline all said two. Not to mention my whole group so far has been okay with two carry ons). But in the end everything turned out okay. The flight to Addis Ababa wasn't that bad did some reading and watched some movies and also slept for roughly 8 hours. The plane from Addis Ababa to Rwanda was a little bumpy but again your fearless leader was able to sleep through anything.  


We finally made to Rwanda around 12:30 and finally it sunk in I'm back in Rwanda! As we got our luggage we were greeted by our tour guide from last year Eric who has become a brother now and we greeted each other like the men we are... We hugged and cried (jk). It is great seeing Eric again and I am even more excited to see how this trip unfolds. After this we went to the Hostel where we checked in and got a settled in our rooms where again I'm in Room 3 and in the same bed. Oh man when I went back upstairs my Nephew Yvon had came up to the hostel to say hi!... Unfortunately still no baby (For those who don't remember last year Yvon was our tour guide and had recently gotten married and in Rwanda they start having babies right away. Also he calls me Uncle Sam). After some talking and catching up I took a nap and woke up to no power (hence why this is a little late). Dinner again was amazing and again I am excited and amped for this trip again. Tomorrow we tour the city and go the main Genoice Memorial cite. 

Find out what happens next! On the next episode of Rwanda 2016...

Yours Truly, 


Cpt. Samuel M. Merriman

From the front area of the Hostel. 

From the front area of the Hostel.