Goodbye 2015

In a couple hours itll be the end of the year and it's still surreal that I'm spending it here in Kigali. I'm with my friends, some locals, and other travelers immersed in great conversations. 

Today was truly he perfect way to bring a close to 2015 which for me was filled with some joy but specks of sadness. But after a day as such where I was surrounded by nothing but good energy, I'm truly in a good space. I actually wish I could keep this feeling and capture it a bottle to carry back with me to the states.

Today was filled with amazing food, and I mean amazing food. Fresh flaky bread that reminds me of being home with family, fresh eggs, and sweet pineapples. Oh and can we talk about once you've had Rwandian coffee, there's no turning back. It's really The bee's knees! 

After breakfast we drove into town and got to meet some local kids. My face lit up, I love kids, I love them so much that if I was Oprah Id adopt every orphan from every country. No exaggeration, and I guess in my logic I assume me as Oprah could afford to do so. Unfortunately Oprah isn't as cool as me. 

I got to run in the streets with the kids, playing tag, dancing and playing hand games. If that isn't a great time idk what is. Nothing but laughs and big smiles..right? Right! 

Until we hit the memorials that is..