A Hidden Paradise

December 31st, 2015


I haven't even been in Kigali a full day, yet I have still seen more beauty than I have experience in any city I've ever been in. After the group and myself got off the plane, we were greeted by our tour guide, Eric, who was the guide for last year as well. He is so much more than I expected. He took the time to hug each of us and load every piece of our luggage onto the bus. He and the people who went last year (Sam and Molly)  recalled things that had happened and laughed about them. Most of the bus ride to the hostel I remained speechless. I could not believe how beautiful it is here. I can't even begin to describe it. The hostel that we're staying at is so wonderful. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. We had an amazing dinner and Eric even joined us. There's so much more that I wish I could describe, but can't even begin to find the words. Maybe after visiting the memorial today they will come to me. 





"Dan... you're in Rwanda." - Drew