I always dreamt of traveling, and at one point considered dropping it all to backpack around the world. Then reality set in really quickly, I couldn't do it. But I was certain the opportunity to travel would present itself again.  

My name is Tolu, I'm a New York City native who currently resides in Buffalo. Although Buffalo is the last place many may come to for adventure or excitement the community inside and outside of school has made an impression on me.  

Ive met some incredible people these past couple of months, and in doing so the chance to travel to Rwanda arose. Now I know that many people may question why on earth would you go to Rwanda? And to be honest if you asked me a couple years ago to hop on a plane and take a spontaneous trip to Rwanda I might've declined. It's not exactly what people put on their bucklist. And after the recent passing of my grandmother I told myself I no longer had a reason to return to Africa. When I thought of the motherland I thought of her. I miss her.

I'm excited to bring back whatever I can from the land to the people. You know, a sense of love, hope, happiness, tranquility. I hear Rwanda's just the place for that.

So.......Rwanda here we come!