Second Time Around

 'Twas the night before departure and only Sam ran through the house. Checking his luggage to be sure it was all in affair. Everything was in place, his luggage all in a row. He had his clothes, his donations, his laptop, his passport, and it was all there. "Time for bed." Sam thought to himself. But silly Sam forgot about his blog. Quick as a whip he jumped out of bed and stumbled through the fog to his phone where he wrote down how he felt...


"I can't believe I get to go back to Rwanda for a second time. Honestly until tonight I had mixed feelings. I was wondering should I have gone a second time?... I have rent due and car payments and two and half weeks without pay, how will I make the money? I also felt like am I cheating someone else out of this experience?... If I did not go a second time there would be another am I taking away their life changing experience? Honestly I started to regret my decision on going back. That was until I received a message from Eric one of our tour guides last year and now a great friend. He told how he couldn't wait to see me again and then today our other tour guide (and another great friend) Yvon posted on my Facebook status "you're most welcome back". I knew I made the right decision to go back. I want to be one of the few people who say they're coming back and actually stick to their word. The sacrifice is well worth it because this time I can be a leader to the new students coming to Rwanda for the first time (along with Molly) it will be an honor and privilege to be back in Rwanda.

The play we share with many Anne Frank in Rwanda is already magically different from last year and working on it with everyone has been a wonderful new experience. 

This time around everything seemed fast paced. Although I knew what I had to do to get ready and no matter how far ahead I planned I always felt rushed. I would make lists check them twice and find out I forgot something.... And I was getting frustrated with myself and with my cat (Maggie) who would always jump into my suite case (shown below). I felt prepared and unprepared at the same time and I'm not completely sure why. It feels more nervewrecking than last year, but I couldn't be more happy to be going back.

I hope all who read this find it entertaining and enjoy my story."

So begins Sam's blog. Until next time. And to all a good night!


Cpt. Samuel M. Merriman

Maggie in the Suite Case

Maggie in the Suite Case