Hello! My name is Dan Torres, and I am halfway through my 5th year at Buffalo State. I am a theater major with a concentration in acting, and I have been a Buffalo native for most of my life. This is my first time studying abroad. I was accepted to study in Rwanda last year, but unfortunately I was not prepared financially to go. I consider it a huge honor to have been accepted again, and to actually be able to go this year. My research in Rwanda will be geared towards writing a devised play about living with depression, which has been a major part of my life since I was thirteen. I am hoping that seeing how another culture lives will help to give me some perspective on if emotions are a product of your environment, or if they're set from the moment you're born. I find myself very, very anxious and nervous for this trip, but I know that it will be an incredible experience that I may never get the opportunity to do again. I look forward to posting in the future!