Meet the delegates!

We are pleased to announce the Rwanda 2016 delegates. Our group consists of a variety of disciplines which lays the foundation for exciting research, conversations, and experiences. Congratulations!


  1. Molly Bader (Theater/Painting)**2015 alum
  2. Ashanti Bryant (Sociology/Women & Gender Studies)
  3. Tolulope Fashuyi (Theater)
  4. Crystal Holmes-Smith (Grad/Elementary Education)
  5. Lillian Inglut (English Education/Theater)
  6. John Latona (Art Education)
  7. Samuel Merriman (Theater/Philosophy)**2015 alum
  8. Daniel Torres (Theater)


  1. Drew Kahn
  2. Eve Everette
  3. Bruce Fox (BSC photographer)
  4. Deborah Lanni (photographer, Bruce’s partner)
  5. Patricia Recchio (Teacher Certification, School of Education)