How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world
— Anne Frank

Our Shared Humanity

Drew Kahn, Director, spends sabbatical with Semester at Sea. Read about his adventures here! Slave Castle, Ghana (above).

Drew Kahn, Director, spends sabbatical with Semester at Sea. Read about his adventures here! Slave Castle, Ghana (above).

Our project’s namesake reminds us of our responsibility as global citizens.  AFP takes these words to heart as we immerse ourselves in the research, appreciation and exposure to the world outside the confines of our American homes.  As with all AFP initiatives, we are committed to moving theory to action.  The Human Genome Project has proven we are all basically comprised of the same biological material.  The Anne Frank Project seeks to activate this theory by collaborating with communities from around the world to celebrate our shared humanity.  Using the power of collaborative storytelling AFP travels to post-genocide countries to break assumptions and create new vocabulary for conflict resolution, community building and diplomacy.  We believe this process can indeed “improve the world.”


AFP travels to Rwanda with university students, community leaders, donors, and professors who care to learn more about human rights, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. The team is accompanied and guided by Drew Kahn (Director), Eve Everette (Assistant Director), and other SUNY Buffalo State Faculty and Staff. The Anne Frank Project visits schools, orphanages, memorials, national parks, and cultural centers to participate in Rwanda's culture. Our goal is to "fill up" with stories, community reparation practices,  and build a strong vocabulary for social justice topics. We then return home ready to create projects and plays that teach the tools and vocabulary for community building, conflict resolution, and identity exploration. AFP also donates a cow each year to Buffalo's sister district, Muhanga, and brings school supplies to students. If you would like to support AFP's work in Rwanda, you can make a donation here.

Application Process

University students of all disciplines are welcome to apply; Previous delegations included Education, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, Theatre, Philosophy, and Art Education. Students must fill out this online application from SUNY Buffalo State's International Education Office. Interviews will take place after the application process as well. Applications are due November 1. Our next delegation is set for June 2017.

Questions? Contact Drew Kahn (Director; Professor of Theatre), Eve Everette (Assistant Director), or call 716-878-5559

general information meetings:

Thursday, October 13
12:15-1:30pm, Classroom Building C116

Friday, October 14
2:00-3:00pm, Ketchum Hall 113

Rwanda 2016: Fourth Student Delegation 


Previous delegations

student perspective 

Interested in studying abroad with the Anne Frank Project? We take students, donors, professors, teachers, staff, and community members. Our team consists of 15 people when we travel to Rwanda in January.

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