Rehearsal Meditation and Refugee camps

Clovis and friends,

It was wonderful meeting clovis and his friends and learning more indepthly about what is really going on. so many stories were shared. Edmond, clovis's friends shared with me his feeling about the camp in which he lived and how he feels. He assured me to not be nervous and that he cant blame the children for how they are and how they act and that they dont know any other way. He spoke of the hardships and that he could identify with them when he was a child. Now, Edmond is at the university next store studying physics. I was also able to meet Kabera Colson he wrote to me " I was born in Matisi Im a refuge in Gihebe campe" Like many others, he was an adult still searching to leave the camp and start a new life. But he was very positive and motivated regardless which seems to be the key to starting over.