One of a kind experience

Monday was very unique. We had the opportunity to visit Gihembe Refugee camp. A crowded camp at the top of a beautiful mountain where about 14,700 Congolese refugees are living some of whom have been there for more than 8 years. It was a moving experience. All the children, hundreds of pairs of eyes staring up at us admiring us and wanting to touch us  just because we were there. We hadn't done anything special, we were just something new and different. I can still form a perfect picture in my mind of this one kid who held my hand almost the entire time. Performing for these thousands of refugees was amazing, I never would have thought I would be doing that even several months ago. My heart goes out to these people. I was once again reminded of my reflections from our trip to and from Akagera. You cannot put a price on happiness. Somehow no matter where you are God provides. These people could face immense suffering but still find happiness. I had a conversation with Carl last night about the Book of Job in the bible and it was interesting to compare to what we experience and learn about here in Rwanda. It is okay to be unhappy, to curse your situation, to question it and beg for better times. But then to come back from that and smile for the blessings that do come for the community that you can share in and not question God about the bad things in life, instead question humanity. These people at the camp are so strong they are an inspiration. When we left I didn't want to sleep in a bed, I wanted to get rid of all my possessions  but that would do nothing. Instead I must praise God for what I have been given and share it with others. This includes the bad, for it is all part of our story. Ultimately Stories are the greatest gift. They are what unifies us.