A Grain of Salt

Evon’s story

Location: Morambi school


“These people were neighbors, they would ask for a grain of salt and we would give but the next day they came with machetes” 


“It was planned, It was sponsored, What do you think? How do you feel?”I was asked.


I do not see how I could personally do it, it is hard to understand never being under those circumstances. I try to remember many were children and were under the impression of adults, leaders and substances. Through psychological studies it was proven under high stakes many would/could take a life. All I really know is it was not just one idea, it was many. It was planned and sponsored and carried out by many frightened people. The lack of intervention and care for this situation from outside sources greatly raised this. 


I then asked him his thoughts. He told me a story about a friend he visited in Germany whose grandfather was killed in the holocaust. He asked him if he could forgive and he replied, with no hesitation, “No.”

Evon then explained “For us, we felt we had to do something. Many Tutsis wanted or may have killed in retaliation.But, there was so much loss. I cant tell you I or we really deep down forgive, but we had to live.”


I replied, I cant tell you if I could really forgive, I cant begin to say when I know I have never experienced. But that is why I commend you so much, I see how much selflessness was involved. All individual feeling had to be put aside to begin a new chapter. In order to see what I see today, this had to happen.


80% of Rwandans plummeted below poverty line after the 1994 genocide.

80% had a death in the family.

70% witnessed a friend or family member die.

90% thought they would die.