Amongst the heart of nature

Sorry It's been awhile. we've been very busy and having trouble connecting to the internet but here is My reflections on Akagera.

Akagera national park was amazing. Our first day was short it had even been considered not to go out the first day but boy was it good that we did. We saw all sorts of creatures including elephants. This was good because we didn't see any the next day we did not see any elephants.

I was constantly in awe of the lakes and the hills lining the park. I wish we could have gone hiking or out on a boat. The park was so full of life. It was a regular Garden of Eden there. Even the termite hills were spectacular, so many of them scattered about everywhere and each one its own world full of life. It made me think about their existence and how small their world is yet how big it is too. I thought about myself and all the traveling I have done and all the different experiences I have had but then what does that matter. I wouldn’t be any less if I hadn’t done these things why would anybody else. Even the termites in each termite mound of Akagera plays a role in the circle of life on this planet. Everyone, everything has a story. It’s overwhelming trying to comprehend over 6 billion stories but we don’t have to, we just have to acknowledge and respect the stories of everyone we meet wherever one may go whether it just be our own neighborhood or every corner of the globe. Whenever I get caught up in trying to plan everything I need to do to be successful I should stop to think about Akagera and the termite hills and remember all that matters to make up the vast beauty that is life.

Thank you to our amazing drivers Martin and Everest.