Making a difference in kids lives

The 14th started with another drive with incredible views over the land of 1000 hills. We toured  some of the great business enterprise of Mr. Sina Gerard and I got some akabanga hot sauce which I have been enjoying on my food back here stateside. We visited a school the Mr. Sina Gerard built and is expanding up on the top a hill. He has many gardens and facilities one of which where he  he plays music for his pigs which  is really cool.

The Afternoon was the highlight of the day though. We visited the Rebecca Davis dance studio Mindleaps. Check it out.

They shared some dancing with us and we shared our show with them and we played some theater games with them and by the end we had become one community with these kids from the streets and their dance  instructors. This is when the real party began we all danced together showing off moves.  Those boys really had some moves. You could tell the dancing meant a whole lot to them.

We had some fun on Thursday as well running theater games with the kids at the Wellspring school. Once again I enjoyed the opportunity to facilitate some more theater games. My favorite part of that day was lunchtime. It was really cool how the teachers take time each day to do some devotionals and ask for prayer requests and personal testimonies. Imagine if Teachers in American schools took the time every day to sit together as a community to share what is going on in their lives and support one another.

Once Again on Friday morning I got to experience another program that makes a difference in the lives of street children through the arts at Everest's Cultural center. Here the dance that is taught is traditional Rwandan dance teaching these kids about their heritage. I really loved seeing these kids light up being able to share their talents with us. It is great to see the arts making a difference in children's lives. They were so pleased to share with us I just had to give something back so Ashley and I led a couple of our theater games with them by ourselves, I felt proud to be able to share what we learned with them. A great way to end a spectacular stay in Rwanda. I will never forget the smiles on those kids faces. 

This whole trip is beyond words When people ask me how it was I just say it was great or amazing but that doesn't even begin to describe it. Life changing I pray that I may incorporate what I learned there back to life back here stateside.