Here I am blogging my life away, haha

I was thinking of one of our last days in Rwanda. We were going classroom to classroom teaching grades 2-6. I enjoyed it because I was doing what I liked, acting but also I enjoy helping others. But, deep down I feel I really can't work with kids, not that I don't like them I just couldn't connect. Later I was home and sleeping for days and I woke up and thought about how I felt. I believe I needed a good long rest to digest a lot thats happened this month, I didn't realize how much it was catching up with me until I got home. Anyway, the next day I went to my Aunts house, she is a 4th grade teacher at a school in buffalo that struggles with having many international kids. She was very stressed when I arrived so I talked to her and I could tell how much she really cared but how difficult it must be. I began to tell her about some of my experiences int he classrooms and the responses. I hope that maybe she could find them useful in her classroom especially if there is a tricky language barrier. Regardless, This helped me get out some frustration because I couldn't imagine doing that forever! Its a great job and a wonderful thing but the frustrations! To the point, I hope all the teachers we've worked with in this method really take it in and apply it because the response is so very worth it. Learning, focus and team building to me seemed like the only way to get across to tricky children! - in addition the older teachers really enjoyed this too so for whoever may be reading get skilled in drama based education! come to the dark side! and share your stories.