Teacher training day 1


Today we officially started our teacher training. Our job was at Wellsprings, we were called in order to teach teachers, how to tech drama based education to other teachers. At first they were a bit skeptical, a lot of talk and discussion. We moved this along by showing them what we do and showed our Anne Frank in Rwanda. Following this they had svn more questions, for instance?

How do you expect us to do/teach this?

and how does it pertain to every subject? 

We followed up with a three hour workshop of our everyday warm up exercises.

Many of these things are “wallbreakers” they break down the persons emotional defense, they become more open and present following these exercises. They learned following this how these things can create many positive vibes in the classroom.


In the moment behavior

community work

positive behavior

respectful behavior toward each other and teachers

focused learning

full body learning- not just in one ear and out the other

and teamwork

The teachers were incredibly interested and enjoyed all the work we did. But, they still had questions they wanted answered pertaining to how this will specifically help them. These questions will be answered tomorrow