Teacher training conclusion

 Teacher Training day two, continuing from yesterday the teachers were excited to learn and ready to work.

We again started with a short discussion, answered some questions and then got back to work.

We started the day with a shorter version of yesterdays warm-ups. They got right back into it, it was great seeing how excited and involved they were today. Following this we spoke of  how we were going to create out stories. We started by reading an MLK Jr speech “I have a dream” The Rwandan teachers as the readers. It was clear they began to feel connected to the story. Following this we split into three groups and discussed how we felt, what are themes we found more important from the reading, why. My group came up with the theme/title “seeing light through darkness.” We devised a story of animals trapped in the darkness of the forest experiencing their fears and predators, we played with the ideas of being tapped, cramped, afraid, alone and lost. The light was then put upon them, the darkness was lifted. Once this darkness was lifted they were able to express their light that pulled them out. Some inspirations were the Sun, stars, trees, nature, humanity, confidence and faith.  They then joined together and gave their gift to the world one by one, then began sharing their gift with others. Finally they migrated together into one large ball of light. Together in this process we learned things about each other, the world, philosophical thought, teamwork, creativity, positivity and also it was fun. Many things that were pointed out by the teachers were how lines could represent scientifically theory even if they were not meant too. They also mentioned how they could see themselves making workshops for math problems and using warmups in the morning to get their kids focused and present before their lessons for more effective information retention. They were so thankful by the end of the day it was a great feeling! We hopefully will have a long term educational relationship with wellsprings and they will hopefully pass this on to the teachers they are teaching.