Live to dream, dance inspires.

The Rebecca Davis dance company definitely was one of my favorites for many reasons. Personally, dance inspires me just like theater and helps me through many challenges I come across in life. Many times when I am down, or angry and don't know how to put words on something I dance or sing or act. Discoveries are made about myself, what I want, what I felt or even about others and their experience. This is an outlet for me, Yes and for others too. But it is nice when it is confirmed to be. Rebecca Davis Dance company confirmed this for me. All the boys in this company are street boys, they don't have family or money but they worked hard to become a part of this company. They spoke of many things even as a child i encountered, whether it be drugs or alcohol, domestic abuse, etc and regardless of whether or not it happened to me, growing up I either knew someone with a problem or was exposed to these themes. The similarities and connections are endless between me and these children along with many others in that room. Regardless of these problems, these children still work because this is what makes them happy, this is their outlet. It is amazing to see such young people this openly motivated. In addition to this, this open to learning other things, like our theater games that we brought for our drama-based education portion of the visit. They were so respectful and put their all into taking up this new form of expression. This is one thing that is hard sometimes in the classroom with young children, the lack of participation and motivation to learn and work. These are skills this group of children had and something we should not take for granted. The idea of learning through body and voice allows not only for them to pick up information but make discoveries of their own, and it is fun so they want to do it and WILL do it. This was displayed in our workshop. Also following that the children taught us more about their dance, they were motivated after working with us for hours to work with us even longer because they were happy, and motivated and because of that, we all learned something that day.