Entering into day 3


That's how you say good morning in Kinyarwanda. We're only starting the third day of our journey and already we've had so many enriching experiences, it feels like we have been here a week. Had a late night celebrating the New Year in Kigali with a bunch of folks from the hostel it was an interesting experience. The Rwandans are so friendly you could strike up a conversation with anybody and it is like you have been friends for ages everybody wants to give you a hug and dance with you and believe it or not I actually danced, I scared Ashley a little bit because I hadn't really done any dancing and then suddenly had a burst of energy and said  "I want to dance" and ran upstairs. Despite a late night both mornings so far I have woken up with the sunrise it's so refreshing to awake with nature. I took a bunch of naps yesterday but I got a good solid 8 hours last night so today is going to be great. Much more to come.

P.S. Carl Wilkins is an amazing man if you have the time, look him up, the one American to stay in Rwanda during the genocide. He is joining us for our journey and we have much to learn from him. I look forward to having some great conversations with him.

I realize it is past midnight for you all at home but for when you read this.

Umunsi Mwiza! - Have a nice day