Captain's Blog #3 The Morning Report

Captain Samuel M. Merriman of the Ship: 

HisThoughtsAndExperiencesAboutRwandaTrip2014/2015 signing in, It is Information Age Date: January 1st, 2015:

Hello Crew! It is your Captain once again with a mooooorning report! I awoke to a barrage morning tweets from actual birds. Although I have not seen a Zazu their morning music makes waking up magical. You wake up with a smile and you just can’t wait to get up and get going for the day… or lay in bed and listen to them for a little bit, which is great because we are on Rwandan time! I love Rwandan time and here is a little free verse poem about it:


Thoughts of Rwanda

I can feel the calmness take over my body and soul.

The air is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Each step I take I am reborn anew.

I am not in Africa… I am in Rwanda.

This is not a continent this is a Country.

The time here great.

Be here at 7… or 8 it is all the same.

No rush, No fuss, and well No coconuts.

The poem was just a couple thoughts I had, nothing very special but thought it was nice little thing. As for what we did for the day it was day of rest and recouping from our lengthy travel day, which I am thankful we got! We rested in morning had a delicious breakfast, and then around 11 (I really love Rwandan time) we took a mini tour of the city! The city is different but at the same time not so different from American cities. Kigali is a city of rebirth, many new shops are popping up, and the government are buying older sections of the city and rebuilding to be more modern. This much like Buffalo currently, although there are poor sections of the city you could never tell that by the faces of the people. Everyone here walks around with a smile on and are very friendly to us, I have been wished a (happy new year) by so many strangers on the street… this never happens at home.

On another note the food here is… beyond delicious. I really did not expect this but I have been eating so much fruit. Fresh passion fruit, bananas, mango, and more! It really is so much better than the fruit we have at home. The dinners at the hostel also are much more than I expected. They really are so very generous here, you can feel the love from these people.

Finally I took some pictures while we took a quick with Carl and I hope you enjoy them!