An afternoon without words

Wednesday we started the day with some good acting exercises at the GEI office followed by lunch once again at one of our favorite restaurant buffets, Karibu which is Swahili for welcome.  I just have to take a moment to brag about the food here. I always eat too much. It has been amazing Fresh fruit every day, oh and the avocado here, wow so good. I bought a mango the other day at a local market, I overpaid because I didn’t barter but it was beautifully delicious, worth every franc.

In the afternoon we took a long drive to visit the Murambi Genocide memorial. Fortunately we first stopped for lunch and wonderful homemade ice-cream from Sweet Dreams, a ice cream parlor opened to help support the women drumming group called  Ingoma Nshya. Here's a link to check out what they are about.

The afternoon was difficult I don't know how to really describe what happened at this memorial. Murambi was a technical school that was under construction during the genocide where tutsis were told would be a safe place for them to go, but it was a deceit. Thousands of Tutsis died in the classrooms at this school.

Murambi is unique in that they display actual bodies preserved in Lime in the classrooms. The experience seemed surreal. As we went through the memorial I knew that it was real but just the way that they were presented it seemed like a grotesque art exhibit. I respect making sure what happened is remembered but I still don't know what to think even several days later. As we walked through the rooms I felt like I needed to feel something; grief, sorrow, anger, even confusion I searched and searched looking for something to move me but all I could do was walk through stone faced. An approaching thunderstorm seemed poetic to where we were but even still the feelings were blank. I know what happened, I know it was terrible I just could not connect with Murambi. Fortunately at the end the atmosphere was ironically lightened by Rebecca Rob and I getting stuck in a blackout and Molly laughing in the rain. Perhaps later I will have something else to say about Murambi or perhaps my blank stone faced reaction was the best most appropriate reaction I could have had.