A day in the life

Thursday was a nice change from from the day before. We went to a small village in Muhanga and spent the whole day with a cooperative at two houses in an Umadungadu - neighborhood. We peeled Cassava root we cultivated the earth with hoes for a bit in their field and then carried grass on our heads and then went down to fetch water from a down the hill. We had lunch with the group of women. It was a feast, fresh off the tree avocado, Cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, corn and pineapple. We were stuffed and yet they kept bringing us more food. They are so hospitable. The afternoon we we sat in the shade with the women and were shown how to weave jewelry. My favorite part was playing with the kids, they were everywhere. I love how everyone there is part of one big family. We concluded the day with some dancing and then performed our piece for them. I really appreciated learning about how the people in the villages live. It's a humble lifestyle by our standards but it was very peaceful and I am constantly amazed by the sense of community here in Rwanda. We can learn so much from these people.

though it is afternoon Mwaramutse! to you all at home