Moving forward

Moving forward through our journey so far feels very natural in this environment. This experience has allowed us as actors and people to connect very differently then we once did. What is quite interesting is most of our group has known each other for 3 years yet we've become so close in 2 days. In addition to the real experience of being here in Rwanda, the community that we are building, the family, has really been a huge part of our success. Today we had a great rehearsal where we unlocked things and saw things we never felt before. Not only did we see and hear the connections from each other but we felt it, things just flowed down a new waterfall, we moved to a new beat. Specifically with Rwanda, things we have seen and talked about have the very whimsical presence and it is clear it is ridding off in some way.  It would be wonderful to take certain ways from Rwanda and apply them to the United states. By no means is anywhere perfect, but there is much to learn from other countries and experience there is no one really superior, they all have unique and educational stories to tell and learn from. 

If we were to take a moment and really think about how we could better our society, what would they be? 3 things I thought about today based off what we learned and talked about while touring the streets and visiting around Rwanda was:

1, Rwanda has one day out of the month where everyone leaves the house to clean and pick up trash out of their environment, it is INCREDIBLY picked up, there is no trash on the ground, anywhere. 

2, the bright, and calming soothing colors, maybe they aren't sharp or edgy or completive but it really breaths a calm soothing atmosphere and through psychology we've proven that there is in fact colors used for calming, or that emit certain feeling sand vibes, so why are we so commercial?

3, How much does our fast paced grooling stressors in everyday life affect as human beings? how much do we really learn or obtain from a society that is too busy to register conflict, or friendship or anything else? things are a bit slower here and people are able to really reflect upon things because they have times and days in which they do, they are less caught up on this idea of perfection in which i feel we throw around quite a bit, many times we lose ourselves in the process of this.