Captain's Blog! #2 Beam Down Success!

Captain Samuel M. Merriman of the ship

HisThoughtsAndExperiencesAboutRwandaTrip2014/2015 (who comes up with these names?) signing in. It is Information Age Date: Dec. 31st, 2014:

Hello Crew! This is your Captain here and well Scotty (really Ethiopian Airlines) has done it again and after close to 24 hours of traveling we have made it Rwanda!  We have been on this strange country for only a brief time and in first observations this is truly beautiful country! The earth is this rich red color and the greens are so lush. I am looking forward to being able to explore the country more as our group goes outside of the capital city. Another observation made was how incredibly clean the streets and buildings are, seriously no trash on the ground… and the air is refreshing and clean. America we have to step our game! As the day went out our hostel Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel put on a special welcoming dinner, which was delicious!! We were served this vegetable soup (not sure what exactly was in it) it was so good. Next they brought out two different kinds of salads: a fresh garden salad and this avocado salad, which I was told was very tasty. For our main course we had rice (so good), beef stew, french fries, the best grilled chicken I have ever had (sorry mom), a chick pea dish (very good), and fruit (also good!). Everything served was so tasty and fresh and so much better than that airplane food!

Speaking of the airplane our flight was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  For out 13-hour flight I had a seat with leg space to spear! I watched several movies: Walk the Line, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Tammy, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I also slept a lot and read my book. As we transferred flights in Ethiopia I became more paranoid about my passport haven’t lost it (knock on wood) but the flights were very easy to deal with. They feed us a lot as well. Our first meal was this hot beef stew with bread and fruit, then a beef sandwich, and for breakfast we got eggs and hash browns.

Tomorrow is going to be an easy day of rehearsal and hanging out with everyone and we really start our exploring on the 2nd! In closing hope everyone has a great New Year and I miss you all!

That’s all for Captain’s Blog for now. Talk to you next time! Captain Sam over and out.