Captain's Blog! #1 Countdown!

Captain Samuel M. Merriman of the ship, HisThoughtsAndExperiencesAboutRwandaTrip2014/2015 (who comes up with these names?) signing in. It is Information Age Date: Dec. 27th, 2014:

Hello Captain's Blog, Captain Sam here! This is my first installment about my thoughts and experiences about the trip Rwanda with the Anne Frank Project 2014/2015 Trip. Many things are running through my mind! I cannot believe I am (we are) leaving  in three days, that is crazy! The crew is in the last leg of preparing and as the days gets closer I find myself not as panicked or worries as I thought I would be. I keep going up and down my check list to see what I must have forgotten, but to my disbelief I am actually on top of things. My donation bag is packed and weighing 42 lbs (probably add more school supplies). I have one carry one bag packed (second on its way). I have my medicines and the only thing I forgot to buy way a Passport holder, which should be getting delivered by the 29th (cross your fingers everyone). The last purchases I need to make are the sunscreen, bug spray, and a water bottle to travel with... so surprisingly I am well prepared.

It is funny to think about that the only other flight I have been on was to Disney World in the Fifth grade and now its off the Africa. I am as excited as now as I was then, although my parents are a little less thrilled. After doing so much research (thank you Drew and Eve) I have learned things that I never knew, or ever thought I would know. As the holiday season was just with us, I have shared a lot of information to family lately (I don't know how many times I've been told I am going to get Ebola) to help them understand what all is going to happen while I am in Rwanda. I am extremely excited, I really cannot wait to step foot in Rwanda and as countdown commences my mind is getting more used to the reality of this Trip. At this particular moment I cannot fully form what exactly I want to say to everyone, just that the anticipation and excitement and gratitude to everyone who helped me be able to get here is just over flowing me completely! I just want to personally thank everyone involved and to the crew I can't wait to work and grow stronger bonds with you all!

That is all for Captain's Blog for now. Talk to you next time! Captain Sam over and out. 


...Oh one last thing mom and dad I promise I am not part of the Red Uniforms!