Presence in preparation.

At the start of this journey I had no words, I felt as though many things were happening simultaneously and I could not verbally describe them. Simply I felt a bit bland. Then I realized, this was correct, at least in my eyes. In school it was midterms then finals and this was the frosting on top. I was just moving through days and weeks just fulfilling each objective at a time. Soon to realize, school is now over and its only Rwanda, now all these thoughts are setting in. Ive concocted this was my unconscious act of being "present" a term we use quite often in my acting training. I watched many of my fellow classmates stress over exams and other common stresses but I just felt different. Things seemed to just fall into place, not easily, but they did. I was doing one thing at a time and now I am here. I feel utterly prepared yet, unprepared. The specifics, rehearsal, packing, yes, that is done but I have questions and feelings. But whats interesting is I can't gather my thoughts enough to know what I need to ask, I need to see it and then maybe I can formulate it.  However, I now know what when I see it, Im confident I will know it because I have proved to myself throughout this process I am undoubtedly in the moment.