AFP's Social Justice Festival

AFP’s annual festival is an experiential exchange of ideas with a focus on processing theory into practice. We seek diverse performances, workshops and exhibits which actively engage participants in kinesthetic learning opportunities which connect to the festival's theme, AFP's mission, and the life and work of Anne Frank.

AFP 2017: sharing stories/connecting communities
9th annual story + social justice festival
suny buffalo state

About our theme: Our increasingly divisive world is actually the product of a small number of powerful communities rather than the multiple diverse groups of people whose stories are often silenced by oppression, or simply unknown. AFP 2017 encourages presenters and participants to surface these marginalized communities, navigate their difficulties, address conflicts, disassemble assumptions, and practice sharing stories to connect communities and improve the world.

Thank you to the participants, volunteers, crew, and presenters who made AFP 2017 a success! We hosted over 3,000 people in two days, and the art exhibits are still open to the public.

Stay tuned for the announcement about AFP 2018, AFP's 10 year celebration!

Featured Artists (on-going)

Fotini Galanes

Julia Bottoms-Douglas