AFP's Social Justice Festival

AFP’s annual festival is an experiential exchange of ideas with a focus on processing theory into practice. We share diverse performances, workshops and exhibits which actively engage participants in kinesthetic learning opportunities which connect to the festival's theme, AFP's mission, and the life and work of Anne Frank.

Click to download the PDF. Artwork: Ealain Studios

Click to download the PDF. Artwork: Ealain Studios

AFP 2019: Engage for Change

11th annual social justice festival


Communities across the world grapple with conflicts, challenging discussions, and injustices that often remain ignored. When these important stories fall silent, communities break apart, and individuals are left alone. There is an opportunity within this struggle to unite and rebuild. AFP 2019 will examine unique ways in which people solve problems through the art of collaboration. In the Anne Frank Project there is a specific philosophy that relates to this year’s theme: We agree we cannot do it alone. Whether we work across disciplines, neighborhoods, or countries, we need each other to manage conflicts, embrace challenges and stand strong in the face of injustice. In honor of Anne Frank’s would-be 90th birthday this June, we encourage activists, artists, performers, and community leaders to share methods, practices, and experiences that ask people to come together to engage for change. 

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