AFP's Social Justice Festival

AFP’s annual festival is an experiential exchange of ideas with a focus on processing theory into practice. We seek diverse performances, workshops and exhibits which actively engage participants in kinesthetic learning opportunities which connect to the festival's theme, AFP's mission, and the life and work of Anne Frank.

AFP 2018: Repair the World. The Time is NOW!

10th annual social justice festival


The last year has seen unparalleled changes in western philosophies, morals, and ethics. If parts of our world are indeed breaking, is it not our responsibility to repair them? Anne Frank dreamed of a world where "tikkun olam" (repair the world) was not just spoken, but practiced. AFP 2018 encourages presenters to share methods, practices, and experiences that teach tools and vocabulary to repair the world. 

 AFP 2018 poster - click to download!

AFP 2018 poster - click to download!

Presenters and Attendees

Thank you for an outstanding event! The 10th annual social justice festival at SUNY Buffalo State was a huge success because of your participation. Thank you for telling your story. You matter and your stories matter.

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Featured Artists & Performances

 (left to right) Jana and Drew, Peace Paper Project.

(left to right) Jana and Drew, Peace Paper Project.

October 1-October 5th

Czurles-Nelson Gallery, Upton Hall.

Artist Talk: Thursday, October 4, 12:15-1:30, Upton Hall Lobby.

Peace Paper Project is an international organization of hand papermakers, art therapists, fine artists and social activists. Through community collaborations Peace Paper workshops are offered to help and advocate for healing populations. Since its inception, Peace Paper has established over 40 studios across the globe; Australia, India, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and as far west in the USA as Hawaii.

Peace Paper Project facilitators Drew Matott & Jana Schumacher will be at using a bike operated Hollander beater to engage Buffalo State students in an ongoing interactive papermaking demonstration, making paper from refugee clothing, military uniforms, underwear, politician suits, horse manure, and other pulps gathered from past international workshops.

Community members are invited to take part in the transformative process of papermaking during the scheduled activities. Participants will have the opportunity to make paper from their own clothing to contribute to the exhibit and ongoing activities.

 Claude: A Reflection by John Latona

Claude: A Reflection by John Latona

October 1 - October 12

Dr. Margaret E. Bacon Student Gallery, Upton Hall

Tuesday, October 2 - Artist Talk
Upton Hall 230


In his newest exhibition, Claude: A Reflection, textile artist John Latona presents a series of work inspired by his experiences in Rwanda, Africa. Latona uses traditional weaving and silk screening techniques as a means to process a need for self discovery initiated by his travels.

You are invited to participate with Latona in his reflection by printing your very own Claude t shirt or poster with a small cost during the opening reception and during the artist talk.

All proceeds will be donated to Urukundo Village, a school in Rwanda.


TheatreFiguren has compiled a trio of short works from a repertoire of many years. With masks, puppets, paintings and a trike, these personal stories address the quietly powerful voice in each of us. As we seek to repair the world we'll begin by looking within ourselves. And then, when we share what is deep within our own bones -- the healing can begin!

Tuesday, October 2
Social Hall, Campbell Student Union

TSB poster.png

Meet Avery:  smart, misunderstood, bullied and being raised by a single parent who just doesn't get it… you know, a typical teenager.  When the time has come for Avery to discover her true self, she is launched into the outer space of her imagination where planets teach lessons, stars shine bright and comets send her on a hyper speed journey back to herself.  Will Avery use her fantastic voyage to express her truth or will she return back to normality?

Tuesday, October 2
Donald Savage Building, Flex Theater

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